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Hose Retriever for PCAir Systems

ATES RCT-35BM PCAir Hose Retriever is designed to handle up to 35 m of flat insulated hose to reach all the aircraft, including the MD80, preconditioned air connection. The Retriever, equipped with a radio control on the aircraft adapter, needs only one person to be operated. Frame and panels are in zinc coated steel, painted in end user’s colour. Maintenance operations can be easily performed. The Retriever is lightweight, protects the hose against eventual damages and from the inclemency of the weather.

Standard features:

  • Zinc coated steel panels, painted in end user’s colour
  • Inlet air duct elbow angle adjustable
  • Rotating drum with special designed surfaces to reduce air pressure drop (approx. 500 Pa)
  • Twin limit switch: “hose all out” proximity switch allowing the correct alignment of the drum; "hose all in" photocells sensing the 14” to 8” reduction of the hose
  • Roller with counterweight to keep hose well stored on the drum
  • Interlocks with bridge movement (enabled only when the hose is all in) and PCAir start (enabled only when the hose is all out)

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