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400 Hz Drum Cable Coil

Il ATES ADC-26 400 Hz Cable Coil is designed to store up to 26 m of 400Hz composite cable. The fixed input cable is connected to the mobile cable, rotating on the drum, by means of a beam of cables, positioned inside the drum, compensating by its own length the torsion caused by the rotation of the drum. The essential design of ATES ADC-26 400 Hz Cable Coil grants ease of maintenance and high reliability.

Its compact dimensions ensure an easy installation of one or two units under the passenger boarding bridge.
The rolling and unrolling is performed by the drum, motorized by a gear motor with direct drive to the drum.
The cable is kept in order on the drum by a guiding head. The drum is surrounded by rollers maintaining the cable on the drum.
Maintenance and trouble shooting operations are simplified by the use of an automation device.

Standard Features:

  • Frame and canopies in painted AISI 430 stainless steel, drum in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Variable Frequency Drive for speed adjustment, soft start and stop, overload protection in case the cable jams.
  • Two limit switches, “all in” and “all out”, on the distributing guide bar.
  • Time delay relay disabling the fixed control station after the unrolling of a preset length of cable.
  • The last meters of cable are automatically rolled in at reduced speed.

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