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Hybrid PCAir
For Cat C Aircraft

  • ATES Hybrid PCAir are selfcontained units electric powered, automatically controlled, to provide cooled and hot air to parked aircraft.
  • First cooling stage utilizes chilled water to eliminate most of the condensate and provides two thirds of the total cooling power.
  • Second and eventual third stages are Direct Expansion with Scroll compressors to bring the output air up to – 4°C.
  • Refrigerated water going out from first stage is the cooling media of DX condensers at low temperature and high efficiency.
  • Hybrid PCAir units have higher EER and lower noise, compared with equivalent air to air PCAir units.
  • Hybrid PCAir units are well performing in hot climates typical of ME and Asia.
  • The central water system capacity design otpimisation shall take in consideration different contemporary factors like aircraft presence at gates, passengers load factor, different cooling loads during aircraft presence at gate.
  • Optional heating pump circuit.


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