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Spiral Insulated Hose
for ATES S.H.R.
®TM PCAir Hose Retriever

The hose is manufactured by three layers of fabric clipped togheter by steel wire. The hose is manufactured in helicoidal fabric band joined by a special steel wire that is bent and clipped together with the fabric band.
The steel spire is not covered by PVC stripe and have a pitch of 12 cm and diameter of 5 mm. The standard length is 7 m, joined by zip and Velcro..
The hose ends with a reduction 14" to 8" to connect the aircraft adaptor.


  • Reduced weight
  • Reduced friction of the steel wire on apron surface, compared with PVC stripe
  • Increased compression ratio in the retriever by the absence of the black PVC stripe
  • Mechanical crimping of the steel wire on the hose fabric without any welding process.

The result is max extended life of the hose and easier manoeuvrability.

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