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Air Handling Hose Retriever for PCAir Systems

The most advanced PCAir Hose Handling System
No mechanical transmission
Reduced pressure losses
Reduced dimensions

The most advanced and intelligent Hose Handling System in the market. Design is the result of long study and of field experience.
270 units in service in the world at present.

Proprietary features:

  • Driving head extracting and retrieving the hose with four motor/belts assemblies VFD driven without mechanical transmission, chain, gears, shafts. Adjustable belts pressure on hose to achieve the maximum efficiency in any condition and weather.
  • External tube in anodized aluminium of different lengths depending from hose lenght required, total corrosion resistance and appealing appearance.
  • “Tube in Tube” in stainless steel to reduce and maintain constant pressure losses.
  • Control electrical cabinet in S.S. IP 65 mounted on bridge boogie for easier maintenance and control. PLC display on cabinet door. Includes the retriever controls.
  • Quick disconnect connectors for easy removal of head or cabinet.
  • Driving head sliding forward for easy replacement of A/C hose.
  • Extended time replacement of hose, not less than two years, from field service return.

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